Download Antutu APK 9.3.1 – Latest version for Android

Download Antutu APK 9.3.1 – Latest version for Android
Name Antutu
Publisher AnTuTu
Latest Version 9.3.1
Genre Tools
Size 46 Mb
Requires Android 4.0
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Antutu APK is one of the attractive applications for those who want to compare the performance of mobile devices. This application provides detailed, complete and accurate assessments of the parameters contained in your device. To learn more about the Antutu APK application, how to download and install it, please take a look in the following article.

Download Antutu APK – A mobile performance evaluation application

With the current explosive technology era, it is not uncommon for new devices to be born with great usability. You will come across dozens of smartphone models with many outstanding features. Therefore, you need Antutu APK software to compare smartphones with each other. This measurement will evaluate the performance and strength of the hardware. When using the Antutu APK app, you can analyze the phone’s configuration. From there, you will know the strength and weakness of each device. The check-in process is quick and simple. You just press the button and wait for the application to scan the parameters. This is an independent application and gives the most objective results.

Antutu MOD APK

Currently, the Antutu APK application has been downloaded more than 100 million times worldwide. Enough to see the popularity and trust from its customers. This is the best free device comparison software on the market. You can measure the benchmark of any smartphone. In particular, when installing the Antutu APK application, you can check the parameters related to RAM and CPU of the device. This is an important parameter for you to determine if the device has a strong configuration or not. In addition, this app also displays stable running results from that machine or not.

As a free grading tool

It can be said that Antutu APK is the most objective and honest scoring software. They are free apps so the grading is always the most accurate. This app consistently ranks first in surveys for comparison accuracy. Therefore, users are very confident in the scoring ability of Antutu APK. To conduct a device survey, launch Antutu APK and drag it over to the test card. Select the Benchmark test to test the device and then click Start. After checking, the results will be displayed in the Scores section. You can see how your device is ranked in the world.

Measure device performance

In addition to relatively accurate scoring, the Antutu APK app can also measure the performance of the phone. You can measure important metrics like CPU, RAM or GPU. From there you know the performance of your phone is fast or slow.


The CPU configuration test will evaluate the processing of the chip cores inside the mobile device. Antutu APK application will test to check if the CPU parameters are the same as what the seller announced or not. In addition, Antutu APK can also test the device’s RAM. They will divide RAM into 2 categories speed and stability. If the speed is high, it means that your machine can work well. At the same time, stable parameters will know if your machine is durable or not. The GPU-related test will help you check the machine’s performance on 2D and 3D images. In addition, the Antutu APK application can also test the system data and the speed of reading data from memory. Downloading and installing Antutu APK will help you test the performance of your device. From there, you can know if your phone has the same features as what the manufacturer announced or not. This also helps you avoid buying poor quality products that are sold widely in the market. The scores from the Antutu APK app, however, do not fully reflect the performance of your tablet or phone. However, they are also essential tools for basic machine testing. You will know if the parameters on the machine really match what is advertised or not. Then decide to buy the product. Note: the results that the Antutu APK app gives may differ from professional tests. Because many objective factors can influence these results. Therefore, you should only refer to the above parameters, if they are not too different, you can still buy it.

Antutu MOD

On the market today, there are very few good speed test apps like Antutu APK. You can check the specifications and performance of the devices you are using. From there, make more informed purchasing decisions.


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