Download Bloody Bastards MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 3.1.5

Download Bloody Bastards MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 3.1.5
Name Bloody Bastards
Publisher Tibith
Latest Version 3.1.5
Genre Action
Size 72 Mb
Requires Android 4.4 trở lên
MOD Unlimited money
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Bloody Bastards brings a breath of fresh air to fighting game lovers. The game is set in a medieval setting with a unique visual system and unique gameplay. Compared to the gun battles, the fighting method of the medieval people was much simpler. However, this does not lessen the tension in the sword fights. Are you ready to become a mighty warrior in Bloody Bastards MOD APK?

Bloody Bastards mod

Download Bloody Bastards Mod – Medieval Enchanting War

Bloody Bastards is an interesting fighting game published by Tibith. Although it is not a prominent name in the gaming industry, there are not many hit products, but this game company still makes a certain impression thanks to Bloody Bastards. The game is developed in the style of antagonistic gameplay with a medieval context. The plot is simple but very logical, opening many attractive scenes in the game. The battle of the stepchildren in the clan brings a new experience. In the role of a stepchild, you need to promote all your abilities to defeat the “half-blood” brothers, win the right to inherit a huge fortune.

Familiar gameplay

As mentioned, Bloody Bastards belongs to the fighting genre, so you will become the main character in the battles. Solo 1vs1 matches do not take place in a professional arena with many spectators or referees. This confrontation also has no rules, no rules as a standard. Simply arguing and deciding to “live” with the other side. The match ends when either you or the other player is defeated.

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The only mode of Bloody Bastards is story battle. You will take turns fighting, defeating others to become the ultimate winner. When you defeat an enemy, the next enemies will be unlocked. With each battle, you get 3 stars. This is the maximum score received for completing the mission. To unlock the next opponent, you only need to get 1 star to qualify. Although the game mode is not diverse, it does not affect the gamer’s experience too much. Of course, if it is more perfect, the game company should add PvP mode or add copies and battle arenas with monsters. Currently, gamers can only fight AI warriors. The difficulty of the game increases with each level to challenge the experience and skills of the players.

Character control

The way to control the character in Bloody Bastards is different but simple. The function keys are not displayed on the screen. Instead, the player will perform a screen touch. To move, double tap in the specified direction. To use the sword, tap and rotate to the right. On the left, tap to use the shield during battle. Simple but not easy to get used to. It will take you a long time to master the character control.

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The sword fights in Bloody Bastards are relatively violent. So the game is not for young gamers. To experience this game, make sure you are 16 years old or older. The scene in the game is quite “bloody”. Don’t stop at mere defeat. The loser will be beheaded. Although the graphic style has reduced violence, Bloody Bastards is still not a game suitable for all ages.

MOD Version of Bloody Bastards APK

  • Unlimited money

Bloody Bastards is not a special game, nor is it overrated, but it still has many advantages. So, if you are looking for a new fighting game, you can try this game. Who knows, the average points, the simplicity of the game will give you a new feeling that you have been looking for for a long time. Download Bloody Bastards MOD APK to join the battle for inheritance right now!


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