Download Chrono Trigger MOD (Full Version) + APK 2.1.1

Download Chrono Trigger MOD (Full Version) + APK 2.1.1
Name Chrono Trigger
Publisher SQUARE ENIX Co.
Latest Version 2.1.1
Genre Role Playing
Size 243M
Requires Android 5.0 trở lên
MOD full version
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The appearance of role-playing games as an effective entertainment method, helps people relax in their free time. One of the most attractive action and role-playing games today you can refer to is Chrono Trigger MOD APK. The game is built extremely attractive with unique gameplay.

Chrono Trigger mod

Download Chrono Trigger Mod – The most engaging fighting game

Chrono Trigger is an attractive game from the publisher SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd. This is a type of RPG fighting game or in other words turn-based combat. The way to fight in each battle will not be arranged in advance, but depends on the random distribution and then chooses a strategy. The battle in Chrono Trigger evolves unpredictably, you need to use all your abilities to exploit the strengths of the character. In addition, teamwork is also a very important factor in this game. There are situations when it is necessary to ask for the help of teammates to launch a move that deals great damage.

Story with many memorable milestones

The interesting thing about Chrono Trigger is that the game has a unique storyline with many special timelines. At the fair of the year 1000, Crono met Marle. The two later became friends and went to see the teleport machine at Lucca’s house. Marle’s necklace suddenly glows causing her to be sucked into the portal of time. Unexpectedly, Crono jumped after Marle. Together they go back 400 years.

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Marle, after traveling through the air, was mistaken for Queen Leena and brought back to the castle. Marle and Crono must work together to find the real queen to have a chance to return to the present. Both are drifting from one timeline to another. Everything happened so fast that the two had to find a way to adapt to survive.

Interesting about Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger is considered one of the most attractive and unique action role-playing games on the market today. Here are the interesting experiences you will get when participating in this game.

Provides special attacks

One of the things that makes Chrono Trigger so appreciated is that the game offers special attacks for players to experience. Whoever you are, the attacks are very diverse. The higher the level, the richer and more colorful the attacks. Techpoint (TP) in the game increased. Heroes gather Tech to create great destructive power. As the characters last longer in the squad, the number of tech increases.

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Logical calculation

Chrono Trigger is highly logical. What you do in the present will lead to a certain outcome in the future. The timeline is identified as the key factor. Therefore, every decision you make will have certain consequences, accompanied by some unexpected outcome.

Various character lines

  • Chrono Trigger offers a diverse character system. The game story becomes interesting thanks to the appearance of elements such as:
  • Crono: This is the main character, who is both strong, brave and reckless. This character possesses the lightning spell that comes with the Katana sword.
  • Lucca: This is Crona’s childhood friend. She is quite strong and likes to be mechanical. Lucca is knowledgeable and always gives timely advice to the team. She possesses fire-type magic.
  • Marle: This character is Princess Nadia, she is quite honest, has feelings for Crono. Marle possesses ice magic.

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  • Frog: He is a cursed medieval knight who wields the sword Masamune. This sword possesses outstanding strength, capable of subduing demons. This character is quite talented, but because of the curse, he is turned into a frog and has low self-esteem. In addition, Frog possesses water-type magic.
  • Robo: This is a robot from the year 2300. Robots do not possess magic but can attack with powerful lasers.

MOD Version of Chrono Trigger APK

  • Full version

Entering the world of Chrono Trigger mod APK, players will experience a lot of different emotions. Everything progresses in a certain order and you are the one who builds the future, the outcome will be your choice. Certainly for busy people, this role-playing game is worth relaxing every night before going to bed.


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