Download DogLife: BitLife Dogs MOD + APK 1.5.7 (Time Machine, Unlocked)

Download DogLife: BitLife Dogs MOD + APK 1.5.7 (Time Machine, Unlocked)
Name DogLife: BitLife Dogs
Publisher Candywriter
Latest Version 1.5.7
Genre Role Playing
Size 91 Mb
Requires Android
MOD Time Machine, Unlock
Get it On Google Play

DogLife: BitLife Dogs Mod is a fun role-playing game where you live your life as a dog. What will you do to be a lovable dog and attract kind owners? That’s the question for you in this simple but fun game.

Download DogLife: BitLife Dogs Mod – Super strange and hot new game for mobile

After the success of the BitLife simulation game, the publisher Candywriter continues to launch a new super product, which is DogLife: BitLife Dogs. Based on the old game mechanics, this game is refreshed in many aspects to bring an unprecedented exciting experience. It was mentioned quite a while ago but has only been officially released on the mobile platform. So, this is good news for fans, lovers of BitLife in particular and the life simulation game genre in general.

DogLife BitLife Dogs mod apk

So what’s different about DogLife: BitLife Dogs?This game brings new content where the player becomes a dog and lives its life. It looks like you are playing a character and deciding his fate. Therefore, this game is classified as a role-playing game instead of a simulation game like its predecessor. With this mechanism, the game promises to bring many interesting features and discovery features.

Be your own dog

You know, cats and dogs are always lovely friends that anyone wants to own and take care of. But have you ever thought what they would think of their owners?If you want to know, this is your chance to find out. Coming to DogLife: BitLife Dogs, players will play the role of a dog or cat that they like. Then gamers need to make decisions to develop their lives and record memorable life data. It is not as easy as you imagine, because the living habits of cats and dogs are not like ours. There are many interesting options from common to rare dogs. Besides, the player can decide to choose the gender and name his dog. A series of challenges will appear and need you to solve. But think twice before tapping any answer on the screen with your finger. Every decision will affect your life, especially longevity. A normal dog can live to be more than 10 years old. But what about your life in this game?Will you live to be 25 years old?

Dozens of adorable dogs to choose from

DogLife: BitLife Dogs offers many breeds of dogs such as Labrador, French Dog, German Shepherd, Bulldog, Poodle, Beagles, Corgis, etc. Each breed has its own characteristics that are easy to recognize. For example, corgis are white-gold dogs with super-large butts, or bulldogs are dogs with sad but funny faces. Besides, different dog breeds will have their own characteristics expressed through living habits and basic indicators. Each dog will be evaluated through the indicators of happiness, health, cuteness, love and respect. These stats can increase or decrease over time depending on how each player plays. The right actions will increase the stats and bring a lot of fun. On the contrary, if the decision is wrong, the player will be responsible for it. Penalties can be reduced stats or even the end of life.

Achievements and interactions

The goal of each player in DogLife: BitLife Dogs is to live as long as possible. They can even reach admirable milestones like 1 year old, 10 year old, 15 year old, 25 year old and more. When those milestones are reached, players will receive great rewards. And then, their life data will be extremely rich with dozens of activities in memorable years. The game will help you to record all the activities in the game. So you can show it off to your friends or like-minded people. In addition, players can socialize with other gamers by coming and observing their dogs. You can learn things like how to attract people, how to react to attacks, how to increase stats… Experience is key to really mastering DogLife: BitLife Dogs.

Simple graphics

Everything will happen on the vertical screen of the phone. But they are very intuitive with clear text, vivid images, lovely icons. Besides, the features in DogLife: BitLife Dogs are neatly arranged into separate categories. Simply click on each item to open up more detailed content views. Overall, that seems to be how the apps on the phone work. And the design is simple, suitable for all types of players.

What do you think about being a dog?It is an exciting experience that is probably only in your imagination. Make informed decisions to live the longest and keep your diary. From 0 years old to 6 months old, 1 year old and even 15 years old, it is a long but fascinating and different process. Are you ready to make choices for your life?Download DogLife: BitLife Dogs Mod to experience it now.

MOD APK version of DogLife: BitLife Dogs

  • Time Machine
  • Unlock

Download Doglife: BitLife Dogs MOD APK for Android


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