Download Douyin APK Chinese (Mod Vietnamese) 18.5.0 for Android

Download Douyin APK Chinese (Mod Vietnamese) 18.5.0 for Android
Name Douyin
Publisher TikTok
Latest Version 18.5.0
Genre Entertainment
Size 144 Mb
Requires Android 4.0
MOD Vietnamese
Get it On Google Play

Have you ever searched for Chinese apps and seen the word “Douyin”?Many people wonder what this word means?Actually, Douyin is the Chinese version of Tiktok, where you can upload short videos and engage other users. Let’s take a look at the latest Vietnamese version of Douyin APK and its settings.

Download Douyin APK – Chinese Tiktok

As shared above Douyin APK is the Chinese version of Tiktok. Unlike international Tiktok, Douyin is only available to users in China. They only support Chinese language. Maybe you hear the pronunciation of Douyin and find it quite new, but if you know it’s Tiktok, it’s not strange anymore, isn’t it?Douyin application was first released in 2016 created by Mr. Truong Nhat Minh. Basically, 2 applications Douyin and Tiktok are the same creator but only the international and Chinese versions are different. The interface and operation of these two applications are very similar. The reason is because the Chinese state wants to control all activities of its people. Similar to tiktok, Douyin users can upload short videos for interaction and entertainment. Therefore, there are many young people who are passionate about Chinese who have downloaded and experienced the Douyin application. Currently, the Douyin version has Vietnamese language to make it easier for us to use.

Douyin MOD

What’s the difference between Douyin and Tiktok

Currently, there are many young people who compare Douyin and tiktok not knowing which software is superior. However, even though they are two brother platforms and are built from the same company, these two applications still have different points:

  • First, these two applications run on different servers and operate almost independently, unrelated to each other. Therefore, when searching for keywords on the two platforms, the results will be very different.
  • Despite the same logo and different interface, you cannot use the same login account for 2 applications. In addition, the videos are also far from each other.

Currently Douyin APK version is an independent application and only works on the Chinese market. They are integrated with many attractive features and are suitable for the people here. If you are interested in this application, you can immediately download Douyin to your phone. With the latest Douyin versions, you can visit stores, evaluate video quality and receive valuable gifts. Besides, on the Douyin app, Chinese people can search by face images. This is quite a new and unique feature.

Why do Chinese people prefer to use Douyin APK?

Although the two platforms are quite similar in usage, Chinese people use Douyin APK more. The reason is because the government of this country requires people to comply with the policies and use domestic application products. Trends on Tiktok mostly also originate from Douyin created by the Chinese themselves. There are many “challenge” challenges on Douyin social network that make young people fascinated. In addition, big brands also regularly order actors and celebrities on Douyin to advertise their products.

Douyin MOD APK

Therefore, more and more people use the Douyin app. The local government also uses Douyin to promote traditional specialties and popular tourist attractions. They attract young Chinese to the authentic experience. Currently, Douyin has a Vietnamese version. You can use it easily and watch many interesting videos here.

Douyin APK MOD Version

  • Vietnamese

With the above information, we hope that you can quickly download and experience the Vietnamese version of the Douyin APK application. This is a version similar to tiktok but more familiar to us.


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