Download GTA: Liberty City Stories MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 2.4

Download GTA: Liberty City Stories MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 2.4
Name GTA: Liberty City Stories
Publisher Rockstar Games
Latest Version 2.4
Genre Role Playing
Size 1.3 Gb
Requires Android 4.0 trở lên
MOD Unlimited Money
Get it On Google Play

GTA: Liberty City Stories is not the most successful part of the famous GTA series, but it is still loved by many people. Keeping the basic style of GTA, adding many new missions. In this part, you will experience the underground world from the perspective of another character. With a new storyline, the game lets players play the role of a thug named Sony. Is Sony’s journey to becoming an underworld tycoon easy?Join GTA: Liberty City Stories mod you will get the clearest answer.

Download GTA: Liberty City Stories Mod – Exciting street action game

RockStar Games’ GTA action game series has set an unprecedented precedent. It is rare for a game series to have released 11 versions in all but still retain a respectable attraction. Of the 7 standalones and 4 expansions, GTA: Liberty City Stories is one of the most popular. Continuing the success of its predecessor, this game creates an impression of the story as well as new missions for the character. The uniqueness of GTA remains the same, along with some new points so that players do not get bored.

The plot of the game

This game was released in 2005 with the main character being Sony. As a wanted man, he had to hide for many years, wandering in many different places. At this point, Sony returned to its homeland. In order to get a new life with status and power in the underworld, he works with gangsters. Sony’s aim is to make the missions successful. Try to make this city a territory under the control of the Leone family.

GTA Liberty City Stories hack

Throughout the game, through the process of performing missions, you will discover many other details. The game is not just an underworld action game. Deeper is a multi-dimensional perspective, reflecting issues related to law and ethics. The story-driven game experience is like an adventure, bringing players to special situations and characters.

Excellent gameplay

Just like other parts of the GTA series, in GTA: Liberty City Stories, you will be participating in the true open world. The game exploits a 3rd person perspective with a large map area. In this part, you will see that the map has many similarities with GTA 3. However, the game company has added many new points to increase the attractiveness of the levels. During the game, you can customize the camera according to the viewing angle you see fit to get the best experience.

In general, in this part, you still receive tasks from the system. As a thug, you will carry out illegal missions. Each time you complete a task, the system will give you a bonus. With this money, you can buy weapons and vehicles. Gradually perform difficult missions, more dangerous to assert ability, create authority in the underworld.

Conquer the Underworld

In GTA: Liberty City Stories, you will meet many different characters. Each character operating in the underworld has its own fighting ability. The 3rd person perspective allows players to flexibly use weapons such as guns, grenades and many other “hot goods”. Besides, you can also customize weapons and make some changes to the appearance and style of the character. The mission system of this game will not let you down. Many famous missions are waiting for you to join. From the simplest activities to the chase, racing, gunfight,… You have the right to do everything in this city. There is no stopping what a notorious gangster wants to do.

3D Graphics

The 3D graphics depict the city as well as the character’s actions in detail and clarity. Diverse colors, realistic lighting effects. During the game play, you will feel this impressive 3D space. The locations and characters appearing in the game are meticulously designed, moving very realistically. Combined with a good sound platform, this creates unique levels in GTA: Liberty City Stories.

GTA Liberty City Stories mod

MOD version of GTA: Liberty City Stories APK

  • Unlimited money

The game is currently available on multiple platforms. So, if you want, you can download it and experience it easily. Right on your phone, let’s start with dramatic quests in the underworld. What will it be like when I become a notorious criminal, step by step becoming the most powerful person in the underworld?Download GTA: Liberty City Stories MOD APK to get the most authentic experience!


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