Download Hack Anh Em Nguyên Thủy MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 2.16

Download Hack Anh Em Nguyên Thủy MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 2.16
Name Anh Em Nguyên Thủy
Publisher Gamecafe
Latest Version 2.16
Genre Strategy
Size 94 Mb
Requires Android 4.4 trở lên
MOD Unlimited money
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Hack Brothers Nguyen Thuy mod full money is not only about the name but also unique in gameplay and graphics. The game exploits the theme of fighting to destroy dinosaurs and many “weird” animals of primitive people. Although the name sounds quite “hometown”, most players appreciate the game as good, strange, and new. To survive, you and your fellow tribesmen must fight, using rudimentary weapons to resist the attack of wild animals and animals. Experience Primitive Brothers MOD APK to see the harsh life of primitive times.

The Primitive Brothers mod

Download The Primitive Brothers Mod – Fight for Survival

The full name of this action game is Primordial Brothers: T-REX Hunter. Through the name, players can also guess the content of the game. Joining this game, you will return to the primitive period, accompanying other brothers, on a mission to hunt dinosaurs. A fighting game with an antagonistic nature for you to fight with your own head ability. No guns, ammunition, no modern machinery. You will face ferocious dinosaurs with your own will, bravery and rudimentary weapons. The game produced by Gamecafe received a series of 5-star votes from those who have experienced it. So you can safely experience to see the context, survival life, and battle in the primeval times.

Interesting gameplay

The Primordial Brothers lets you play as a true primitive warrior. From the original is fully expressed in all elements, from character design to context, weapons, fighting style. As a hero, you will begin with gathering brothers to fight together. The original army will be provided with specific combat weapons. PvP opponents and other alliance clans in the game will bring many challenges and experiences to you.

The battles in the game are geared towards the old mechanics. Specifically, you will do everything to destroy the related things, corresponding to the character to increase strength. Along with that is the act of destroying the enemy with special weapons. Besides fighting, you also have to build a base, where your “brother” army will be concentrated. In order for the army to have enough strength, fighting ability, to maintain life, let’s embark on farming, breeding and mining and manufacturing.

Various game modes

The basic mode in The Primitive Brothers is single matches with unique battles divided into several stages. At the end of each match, your army will face a big boss. So, to succeed, complete the task, you need to have good tactics. In addition, the game offers many modes with many other interesting activities. For example, raids, resource exploitation, … Completing the mission, you will receive special rewards for each different mode. Winning in the PvP arena, you can confidently compete with opponents around the world. Evaluation points and rewards are the worthy results for your true ability and bravery.

The Original Brothers MOD Version APK

  • Unlimited money

The Primitive Brothers brings a new experience, dispelling the feeling of “saturation” and boredom of the fighting game genre. Temporarily away from the modern era, return to the primitive times to try out the dramatic and thrilling battles. Download Primitive Brothers MOD APK to get more special features!


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