Download Mortal Crusade MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 2.2.8

Download Mortal Crusade MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 2.2.8
Name Mortal Crusade
Publisher ColdTeam
Latest Version 2.2.8
Genre Action
Size 42 Mb
Requires Android 5.0 trở lên
MOD Unlimited money
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Mortal Crusade MOD APK (Unlimited Money) makes the famous knight’s fight easier but without losing the drama. The journey to protect justice is challenging, but it enhances the player’s morale and heroic skills. Get ready to become a brave warrior on the journey to fight for your beloved kingdom with Coldteam’s super product.

Mortal Crusade mod

Download Mortal Crusade Mod – Kingdom Defense

Sharp, eye-catching 3D graphics games sometimes do not bring a satisfying experience to players. Every gamer has his own style and preferences. Therefore, besides those who like sharp 3D graphics, there are gamers who like blurry Pixel-style graphics.16-bit graphics has a classic, old-fashioned style but has not lost its inherent value. A typical example is the reception of many players with ColdTeam’s Mortal Crusade. With this role-playing game, you will follow the romantic knight carrying a noble mission. Overcome many levels, defeat opponents to achieve the glorious goal of the mission life.

Thriller plot

The plot of the game revolves around a knight with a sceptic spirit, for justice but unfortunately being hit by a curse. The task of defending the kingdom rested heavily on the shoulders of the knight. When falling into the dark world full of challenges, the knight must overcome all with his own will and ability. This place not only has undead, terrible monsters but also many mutant creatures.

downloadMortal Crusade mod

This dangerous, dark place is the land that keeps a very precious thing. It was the divine sword of boundless power. This is a gift from God, the only thing that can break the curse and help him return to his homeland.

Side-scrolling gameplay

In Mortal Crusade, you will play the role of a cursed knight, fighting in a dark world. With the magic sword in hand, you will in turn overcome the backs to return to real life. The game has many levels with a series of special battle zones. From dungeons to caves, forests, mountains, … All are locations in the world of crime and danger. The challenge to overcome is to defeat all the monsters, gradually conquering the locations ahead. Opening many locations you will see the difficulty increasing. Monsters increase in number and danger. They are strong, aggressive, rushing to tear you apart like ghosts without a soul. To stay alive, you need to stay mentally strong and steadfast. Along with that is alertness, clever dodging and flexibility. Combined with that is to perform a series of powerful skills to destroy the enemy.

Mortal Crusade hack

Special role-playing elements

Mortal Crusade has many similarities with the famous fighting role-playing stickman games. However, to make the game more unique, the developer has added many new elements. Fighting, role-playing with a diverse equipment system increases the attraction for the game screen. You can equip weapons and many other necessary items such as armor, shoes, rings, … to make the character more powerful. Each equipment gives a special power to the knight. The ability to reach depends on the stats of each equipment. Check out the important information displayed on the right to capture the details. Most of the equipment must be unlocked in order to own it. Perform excellent missions, participate in new activities that can be collected, buy them or wait for rewards.

Thrilling battles

This strategy game is divided into many different stages. Each stage has an intersection with powerful bosses. It is the last stage in a stage before you set foot in a new level.

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As a boss, their fighting ability is not mediocre. With just basic attacks, they can suck up to half of your mana. However, their weakness is movement speed. This is an element for you to take advantage of, fully exploiting weaknesses to finish them off. If you find this fight is not good, you should strengthen yourself by buying more items.

MOD Version of Mortal Crusade APK

  • Unlimited money

Mortal Crusade is not a free game because the game company invests in it a lot. That’s why the game is quality in terms of both content and form. If you want to try the game for free to see if it suits you, download Mortal Crusade MOD APK. This version will help you enjoy the game without spending any game download fees.


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