Download Path of Giants MOD (Unlocked All) + APK 2.2.3

Download Path of Giants MOD (Unlocked All) + APK 2.2.3
Name Path of Giants
Publisher Journey Bound Games Inc.
Latest Version 2.2.3
Genre Casual
Size 88 Mb
Requires Android 4.4 trở lên
MOD Unlock all
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Path of Giants MOD APK (Unlocked all) will save you nearly 4$ because you can experience it without spending any download fees. Journey Bound Games’ interesting puzzle game is a paid game, but gamers still download it in droves because it’s really worth the money. Whether paying or using the free version, the content of the game is still guaranteed. Uncover the thrilling story of the frozen land through challenging puzzle gameplay.

Pathof Giants mod

Download Path of Giants Mod – Find treasure in the frozen land

The adventure genre combines puzzle elements to conquer players by challenging, entertaining and training thinking ability. Path of Giants meets the strict criteria of hardcore gamers in terms of gameplay, graphics and even storyline. The game context opens the door to the frozen land with the journey of exploration and search for eternal treasure. Enthusiastic adventurers go deep into the land, searching for traces and clues to find a priceless gift. Here, they encounter strange things. The source of the heat is no longer as clear as before, the clues are also appearing less and less. Will the three adventurers find what they want?

Unique gameplay

In Path of Giants, you will be accompanied by talented young adventurers. Your goal is to find treasure in this strange land. With simple controls, you will control all the main characters in the game. Adventure journey, find treasures based on puzzles, give you the opportunity to practice patience and thinking ability, logic. The content in the game is not transparent, but divided into specific stages. Each round will have stages with special requirements. You will have to collect items located in the millennial relic system. The goal is to find the hidden secret according to the elaborate plot. To solve puzzles, the characters need to interact and support each other.

Pathof Giants hack

The game emphasizes the element of connection and teamwork. Three adventurers need to unite and support each other to successfully solve the puzzle. There are even barriers that need all 3 people to pass. Along the way, you will see many results that you never thought possible. It seems simple, but it’s incredibly difficult. You need to die, find the result with many different application options.

Explore the Eternal Land

The Path of Giants opens onto a vast expanse of land, surrounded by snow and ice. As you unlock new content, you’ll see what the real challenge is. All objects, scenes, details appearing in the game have its own meaning. Along with that came a series of new problems. Doing the task the game sets, you will find, finding valuable things is really difficult. However, these challenges are also an element of relaxation, making the game more interesting. More impressive is the context in the game is designed full of mystery, strange and eye-catching. All are artistic with the reality hidden within.

Unlock new content

The deeper you go, the more difficult puzzles the game creates. In the early stages, everything is quite simple. Or rather, it is about getting used to the control mechanism and interacting with the characters and the context. When you get to the following levels, you will feel how difficult it really is. The puzzles have logic, high challenge. To complete, you even have to have specific strategies and plans for the characters.

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In some special levels, if you find 3 coins, you get a lucky chance to open a special puzzle. The context in these levels is also more diverse, interesting and unique. Although the content is suitable for all ages, to conquer the game screen is indeed not everyone can afford.

Path of Giants APK MOD Version

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This team puzzle game helps players feel new and interesting. Still a puzzle, but everything is new, unique and challenging. You will gradually discover the special stories, the different mechanics that the game brings. Download Path of Giants MOD APK to enjoy playing the game for free!


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