Download Shadow Knight Premium MOD (Menu, Immortal) + APK 1.19.12

Download Shadow Knight Premium MOD (Menu, Immortal) + APK 1.19.12
Name Shadow Knight Premium
Publisher Fansipan Limited
Latest Version 1.19.12
Genre Action
Size 180 Mb
Requires Android 5.0 trở lên
MOD Menu, Immortal
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Shadow Knight Premium MOD APK (Menu, Immortal) received extremely high rating points on forums. This is not too surprising when the super product of Fansipan Limited is perfect in both gameplay and graphics. Still the familiar heroism. However, the battle of the dark warriors is more unique and attractive than ever. Are you ready to join Shadow Knight Premium to save the world of Harmonia?

ShadowKnight Premium mod

Download Shadow Knight Premium Mod – Become a powerful warrior

Shadow Knight Premium is like other fighting games. It is built with a unique plot with a typical graphic style. Post-apocalyptic setting with enveloping darkness. To find peace again, you need to fight monsters, overcome many difficult challenges. This tragedy does not know if it can end or not because now you are the only hope. Use the powerful skills of a warrior, bravely move forward to destroy all the monsters that are rampant in Harmonia.

Excellent gameplay

Shadow Knight Premium is present in the top best fighting role-playing game today, which is very normal. Because with a game that is invested in both content and images, everything is very neat and perfect. Throughout the game is the fight against monsters to save the world. The journey includes many levels, each level has challenges with specific difficulty for gamers. In the process of completing the mission, you can beat monsters with great joy. The Dark Knight possesses the super skills of a warrior. In addition to the ability to attack lightning fast, the defense is also very respectable. Shadow Knight Premium equips warriors with all kinds of fine weapons. Along with that is a series of skills skills as well as useful equipment.

download Shadow Knight Premium mod

Smooth controls

To have a good experience in Shadow Knight Premium, the player himself needs to grasp the control button function as clearly as the palm of his hand. The more sensitive and smoother the control, the greater the pleasure. On the left side of the screen is the scroll button. If you want to combine chopping and slashing operations, press the right skill buttons. Fast forward, all-round defense, cut off the shot. The strength, decisiveness and speed make the enemy have no chance to turn back. Flexible control, fast attack, right time will help you grasp the victory. When playing the game “flexible hands”, you will feel the fighting feeling extremely impulse. Not only satisfying the feeling of chopping and slashing, but also pleasing the eyes with the effects on the screen. The battle in the dark night even highlights the warrior’s powerful moves. The moves, back and forth, attack and defense create impressive martial arts combos. The light of power makes enemies who take massive damage become unstoppable.

Strengthen your character

Difficulty increases with each level. Therefore, your character in Shadow Knight Premium also needs to be strengthened. To do this, you will upgrade the entire character skill set. Choose the character class that suits your fighting style right from the start. Corresponding to 4 classes in the game are skills, strength as well as their own fighting ability.

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With the noah class, you will fight enemies with sharp swords. This class has the ability to fight very well in close combat, the damage done to the enemy is impressive. If you want to fight with guns, you choose Ashley. This class’s ability to attack from a distance is very accurate. If you want to challenge with bare hands, choose hector. In the end, passion for the skills of a true assassin immediately whipped lucius. After each battle, you will receive soul shards and the chance to upgrade. For each character class, there will be a different upgrade route. Depending on the level, the skill set will also have specific changes. When upgrading, the character’s fighting ability reaches new heights. You can clearly see this through the strength and speed in the fight.

Equipment system

Shadow Knight Premium allows you to choose 2 characters to join the battle. Each character is equipped with different skills and weapons. To increase the fighting power for each character, strengthen your strength by upgrading skills as well as equipping appropriate weapons and items. In addition to the weapons of each character class, equip more armor, helmets and many other useful items. The equipment system in the game is divided into 6 types. They are not separate, but can be upgraded and increased in strength. When loading more enhancement stones, the strength of these equipment will increase a lot. In particular, if you combine some equipment, you can create a new type of equipment with impressive defense and damage.

modShadow Knight Premium

Enchanting game mode

In Shadow Knight Premium, you can play in story mode, clearing or survival. Each mode has its own good points and unique features. If you want to both play and learn more about the details of the game, you should choose the story mode. In this mode, the levels take place in a logical arrangement. You will have to pass many different levels to complete the mission to save the world. For the quest, your only goal is to overcome the challenges to collect resources. The gate has 3 different difficulty levels. Of course, the next stage will be more difficult to overcome than the previous one. If you pass, the number of resources you collect is also greater. It is also for this reason that many gamers choose to play the pass mode first to accumulate gold coins and resources. When there is enough financial potential as well as experience, the character will become strong, overcome the most difficult levels in other modes.

ShadowKnight Premium hack

If you want to put yourself in a suffocating and tough challenge, choose survival mode. Your ultimate goal is to survive the onslaught of monsters. Each new hit is an increase in the number of enemies as well as the difficulty. Winning a high score will help you get on the prestigious leaderboard.

MOD Version of Shadow Knight Premium APK

  • Menu
  • Immortal

According to objective evaluation, Shadow Knight Premium is an excellent game. From the content to the image and sound, everything is very neat and detailed. That’s why the chopping screen in the game makes players feel extremely satisfied. Download Shadow Knight Premium mod for a chance to conquer the hardest levels on this exciting monster-slaying journey!


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