Download Slender: The Arrival MOD (Full Unlocked) + APK 45

Download Slender: The Arrival MOD (Full Unlocked) + APK 45
Name Slender: The Arrival
Publisher Blue Isle Studios Inc.
Latest Version 45
Genre Horror
Size 329 Mb
Requires Android 6.0 trở lên
MOD Full Unlock
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Developed based on the mysterious and haunting multiplayer character, Slender Man. The game Slender: The Arrival MOD APK (Unlocked full) was born and created a special impression, creating a sense of excitement for players. Let’s find out more details about this game with MODPURE in the article below.

download Slender The Arrival mod

Download Slender: The Arrival Mod – A haunting horror puzzle game

Slender: The Arrival by Blue Isle Studios Inc.release. This is a horror puzzle game with an obsession called Slender Man. Immediately after its release, Slender: The Arrival has received extremely enthusiastic support from the gaming community. The game will take you to experience the thrill, anxiety in running away from the fear of the unknown from a terrible character in the game.

What’s outstanding about Slender: The Arrival game?

Who is the Slender Man?

In fact, Slender Man is just an Internet meme created by Eric Knudson in a few minutes of improvisation. This character has an extremely bulky and scary shape. Moreover, he has no face, only a smooth smooth surface. With this haunting image of Slender Man, it was not too difficult for Eric to bring home the victory in the 2009 Photoshop contest. Slender Man’s initial appearance drawn by Eric was a terrifyingly eerie figure. It always appears stooped tall next to a child in his images. Accompanied by the author’s creepy and confusing description, it has become the inspiration for countless different stories. From word of mouth stories, online stories, video series, crafted images and even games. At this time, Slender Man is not just a virtual image anymore, but has become the legendary “creepypasta”.

SlenderThe Arrival mod

Add a few descriptions of what Slender looks like. He was tall, faceless, had very long arms, and always wore dark clothes. More shocking is that he has a lot of tentacles on his body. Slender Man can be compared to “Boggart” in the story passed down by our grandparents. Slender Man is always going around looking for and enticing kids to do crazy horror tricks. No one knows the motives and reasons behind his actions. But this is really a scary character that haunts many people even though he is not real.


In Slender: The Arrival, you will play as Laura – a girl who is on her way to Kate’s friend’s house on the edge of the forest to help clean the house. After arriving, Laura did not find anything related to Kate. In the house, there was only a mess of things like a dispute had just happened. And Kate disappeared without leaving a trace. While you were bewildered and did not understand what was happening, suddenly you heard a frustrated scream from the depths of the forest. It was Kate’s frightened cry. Worried about her friend, Laura decided to step in and follow the remaining traces to find Kate and decipher the terrifying secret in the forest. Of course everything in the story is related to Slender Man.

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The plot of the game Slender: The Arrival is especially dramatic, attracting players when building characters and connecting chains extremely closely. Secret after secret, you will come closer and closer to the terrible mystery.

How to play

Throughout the suspenseful adventure of Slender: The Arrival. You will have to both run away from the pursuit of Slender man and solve puzzles to save your friend Kate. Not only is Slender Man alone, you also have to run away from his henchman Chaser – the supporting character has been hypnotized and controlled by Slender Man. The only equipment you have is a flashlight. Use your acumen, quick wits and judgment to escape unexpected situations under the pressure of fear. The later the game’s difficulty increases, the stronger Slender Man will be and the faster the chase will be. The stress level also increased from there. To successfully escape and find the missing friend. In those few short hours, Laura had to go through many events and situations of stress and fear. In addition, you also need to collect a lot of good lighting items.

Graphics and sound

To be fair, Slender: The Arrival is not a very good game in terms of visuals. The game’s appeal to players is mainly based on the gloom, the dark night and the threatening feeling of the forest.

modSlender The Arrival

In return, this game has a very unique sound. The creepy background music gives goosebumps just listening to it. Combined with the sound of dry leaves ringing when you run, the sound of hinges, the howling wind, the gasping sounds of the characters, … forming a special horror sound party.

MOD Slender: The Arrival APK version

  • Full Unlock

Slender: The Arrival MOD APK with suspenseful gameplay, attractive and extremely deep storyline. Unlocks a series of secret activities that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. Be mentally prepared and experience the game right away.


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