Download Tanks A Lot! MOD (Unlimited Money, Immortal, Ammo) + APK 4,100

Download Tanks A Lot! MOD (Unlimited Money, Immortal, Ammo) + APK 4,100
Name Tanks A Lot!
Publisher Highcore Labs LLC
Latest Version 4.100
Genre Action
Size 173M
Requires Android 4.4 trở lên
MOD Unlimited Money, Immortal, Ammo
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If you are looking for tank shooting games, then come to Tanks A Lot MOD APK (Unlimited Money). This is a fun tank shooting game. With many different game modes. Especially the exciting and fun 3 – 3 battle. Surely you will feel excited and entertained after stressful working hours.

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Download Tanks A Lot!Mod – Fun Tank Shooting Game

Tanks A Lot!Is a tank shooting game that has just been released. The game’s graphics are quite animated and have many unique features. Players can fight with their friends and destroy enemy tanks. There will be a health bar for each tank, you must finish the opponent before they overwhelm. Tanks A Lot!Is a game published by BoomBit Games company. Like other tank shooting games, this game forces players to both dodge attacks and launch accurate moves to defeat opponents. This is a fun tank shooting game and has a lot of downloads on phones. With a unique and fun gameplay, you will have a lot of laughs.

Classic Tank Shooting Mode

Tanks A Lot!There is a way to play directly. You have to constantly face other players and shoot bullets. In a vast 3D simulation, players will control their tanks to dodge enemy lanes. You can hide behind the rocks to attack. Then look for opportunities to bombard enemy tanks. The team will have a total of 3 members. You will coordinate well with your team to be able to shoot down the most enemies. Should arrange tanks in key positions and can fire support each other. Since this is a team game, with the right strategy you will always win.

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On the map there are more bushes for you to hide. When entering the grass, enemies can only see you if they shoot bullets or move there. There are also small rocks to dodge enemy bullets. If you lose too much blood, you can retreat to the rear. After a while, the health bar will automatically regenerate. Let’s get back to the war then. Game Tanks A Lot!There are tons of back and forth, this is a classic tactical tank shooting game and quite fun.

Variety of tanks and weapons

In the game Tanks A Lot!, there are hundreds of expensive tanks and weapons. The tank models are all applied according to the actual tanks. At the same time, the game also creates some unique tank models. In addition to the diverse tank system, the attached weapons are also quite a lot. You can equip more bombs, cannons or machine guns. They will help you kill enemies faster. Each weapon type will have a different range of action as well as higher damage. Each team can choose weapons that can complement each other. For example, 1 player will play plasma gun, 1 person will play machine gun, the other will play bombs and cannons. The enemy won’t be able to predict it.

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The characteristics of the guns are as follows:

  • Machine gun will be suitable for those who like to shoot melee. They will drain the opponent’s health very quickly due to their high rate of fire.
  • Plasma gun is a high-tech gun that also does good damage.
  • The mortar or cannon will help you shoot enemies from long distances. The damage from shells is also very high if hit.

In addition, the tank speed is also different. With light tanks with low defense, you can move flexibly and faster. As for heavy tanks, which have good defense, they have a rather slow speed. After each battle you will receive the rewards of money and experience points. Use money to buy more accessories and weapons. In addition, you can also upgrade the tanks to make them more powerful. Armor and damage are the two most important points of a tank.

Tank soccer mode?

In the game Tanks A Lot!, there are many different game modes. You can join Deathmatch, Brawl or Battle Royal. In the Battle Royal survival mode, you will join some other players to participate in the survival battle, only the last survivor will win. There is also a Brawl mode, where you and your allies control the resources the game offers. Whoever gets the most wins.

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In particular, in the game there is also a soccer mode. You will control your tank to launch shots towards the opponent. This is a very funny game that you will enjoy.

Graphic Review

Tanks A Lot! Designed on a high-quality 3D platform. The image in the game is simulated very realistically with many battlefield scenes. The tank shape is made to resemble real tanks. In addition, you can use guns and shoot deadly bullets. The added motion and sound effects are quite reasonable. You will have smooth, fun gameplay with everyone.

The MOD version of Tanks A Lot!APK

  • Immortal
  • Ammo
  • Menu

Tanks A Lot!MOD APK Is a very good game on the topic of tank shooting. There are many different game modes to make everyone spoiled for choice. The diverse weapon system, tanks of many sizes and vivid images have helped the game attract a large number of gamers to participate.


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